Thursday, May 9, 2013

Terrific, Exciting Body FX Updates!

The Body FX corporate call on Tuesday night was great!  A bonus went out to the person that got the most coaches in 3 weeks, and the winner had recruited 15 people.  Awesome!!

There is an investment to be a coach..but for that we are getting 2 workout systems (and they consist of 13-14 workouts 27 workouts!!) And ALL the products!!!

And think about this..for that small investment we are getting:
To be a part of a multi-million dollar company that can spend millions in advertising...FOR US!!
Our own marketing team
Support from the VP of marketing (I work in a corporation, and I don't get the support of the VP of anything, LOL)
IT department
Legal department
Customer Service department
Warehouse and Distribution Center
Training tools
Business Support
Our own backoffice

Can you imagine if you tried to build that all on your own???

I'm hoping to post about more workouts soon..I've been sick the last few days.. :(

Again, for more information, I can be emailed at
Here is my website

Have a great and healthy day!!

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