Friday, May 17, 2013

The Never Ending Cold :(

Ok, so I've got the never ending cough..still unable to work out.  Crossing my fingers that I can start up again this weekend!  It's just so annoying :)

So, I've added a couple more people to my growing team...I am so excited!  I also learned last night that I will be able to enroll reps for free...indefinitely!  This is GREAT news to me.  I'm not sure where else anyone would have access to this kind of opportunity with no cost.

Also, since I opted to be a coach in this program, I will be getting leads..and they start TODAY!!!  This is going to be a fun ride for sure  :)

My products have been shipped out, and I am hoping to get those soon so I can begin trying them..very excited about that!!

Everyone have a great happy Friday!!!

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