Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shake FX!

I got my Shake FX today!  I will be trying this for breakfast tomorrow.  I'm hoping that it keeps me full for longer than 2 hours :)  This has the equivalent of NINE fruits and vegetables.  Lots of other stuff as well, you can check out my product page for full details.

My friend that is trying the Slim FX is doing great.  She can tell a definite difference in her appetite and food choices.  She also says that she is feeling more energetic and more motivated in general.  She is excited about Shake FX as well.

I also ran into a guy on a discussion forum that is looking for the ultimate meal replacement shake.  I am sending him a packet tomorrow and he will blog about his results.  I am looking forward to his opinion too!

I can sell sample sizes of three products:  Slim FX, ($2 a day), Shake FX ($4 a packet) and Energy FX ($4 a bottle).  Shoot me an email if

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